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Genetic testing for drug intolerance

Mast Cell disease and pre anaphylaxis

Skin disease and mast cells

Mold illness and water damaged buildings

AVM research

Gd Toxicity and Deposition

Lyme and Coinfections

Babesia in blood supply

Latex allergy cross reactive proteins

Mercury and other heavy metals in blood

Biofilm in blood

Food allergy and intolerance

Botanical allergy

Lectins and high blood pressure

Live microbes in brain

Mold from food, inhalation, workplace, apartment/condo/townhome



Food ingredients, brain inflammation

Gut brain connection, malnutrition, and AVM

Suicide attempts after HPV vaccine

Liver health

Natural sleep aid

Latex related natural clean makeup and skincare ingredient alternatives

Latex – tapioca, cocoa butter, cassava,

Latex- banana, white potato

Synthetic free body products

Synthetic free food

Soil health after pesticide use

White rice vs brown rice


Nutritional Importance of Animal Source Foods

identifying triggers